Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Want the best seat in the house? Move the dog.

            Want the best seat in the house?  Move the dog.

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That's 'Dixie Doodles', a rescued purebred Boxer from a 'Meth House.'  She has taken over the "no-no", "down", "get-down", "off the sofa", sofa's at our house.
As a Realtor and animal advocate and writer, let's talk about today's housing.  There have been so many hardships in the last three years, alot of animals (pets) have suffered.   When it comes to eating and feeding the kids, yourself and keeping some kind of roof over your heads, the animals have had to take a back-seat to those things, understandibly.
BUT, things are, or seem to be...looking up!
Each day about 8,000 baby boomers turn 65.  (1946 - 1964)  They are now empty - nesters and many of them wish to downsize.  After them, are the Generation X'ers, or the 'kids' of the boomers, known as the 'baby bust' generation.  (1965 - 1984).  I am one of the boomers and my daughter is one of the busters.
It seems inevitable that a sizable stock of larger homes could be left sitting on the market.  As a result, home prices could underperform compared to the historical norm, some economists say.  While this might appear to look somewhat bleak for those wanting to down-size, the picture is not taking into the equation the housing demands of the immigration population.
This is a touchy subject that lawmakers must hash over and a delicate subject matter as it is, BUT, anyway you look at it, additional people will need additional housing, so do you 'sit' on your sell and wait for prices to come back up, sell at todays decreased rates, get into the rental business, or go ahead with your plans and downsize now.  We are definitely in a new era and it is really up to the individual how you decide just exactly which way you will go.  However, you decide, take your family pet with you...afterall they are part of the 'family' and I have learned through observation and experience that the pet doesn't really care where you live as long as they can be with their 'humans'.
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  1. YES and AMEN. Take your dog with you. They are your furkids and part of the family. So very sad that people think that they are just disposable. I am a dog rescuer and I really would like to dump people who do this to precious pets in the streets or abandon them at animal shelters. Good thing I am not God. Love your post.