Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Come join me in conversation

                                                                    My Back Yard Swing:                Post #1

How are you?  No, I mean, how are you really? 

Are you hurting?  Are you lonely? Are you angry or depressed?  Are you on top of the world with the cinderalla slippers that you've always wanted to wear?  Do you have the job, finally, that you've always wanted? 

When someone ask how are you, they don't really want to know, so you just say; "Good" or "Okay" or as I do and say "Great, but it's gonna get better!"   Sure enough, those that really listened to my answer, usually give me a smile. That's what I wanted all along anyway and to brainwash my own brain, that it really is gonna be great!

So, join me in my backyard swing and relax as the waterfall beside it noisely and busily goes its own way, to its own journey.  Down the way to a bigger body of water.  To it's goal.

I am a Realtor and a Builder and a Writer.  I have worn many hats in all these years, so I might just have some helpful answers to and for you, along the way.  I am also an animal advocate, a Christian and Happily Married, so I am not here to sell you anything, (unless you want to purchase a mountain place &/or have it built for you).  No, I am here to tell the truth, as I see it.

Now how about a cup of coffee, or tea or a really good glass of wine or even better, mountain water with lemon.  Now, let's talk.      How are you?    

www.edwardsbuildersandrealty.com     check us out...and thanks, debra

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  1. You are a talented writer. I can totally identify with what you wrote above. I would love to sit with you near your beautiful stream and just chat. Great pictures and looks like the sweet pups are loving it.

    Looking forward to more posts from you. Happy New Year 2014.